Our GOAL is to provide assistance to 12 villages in 2020. Are you ready?

View School, Stove and Water Project needs Below. We’re adding village outlines and need as examples. Check out the calendar for Team Dates. Join us in Guatemala!

Our mission is to promote opportunities for self-reliance in rural Guatemala.

Hands For Peacemaking takes part in many different kinds of projects, each aimed at helping people lift themselves out of poverty. However, every project, regardless of its type, includes 3 key components necessary for a successful outcome:

  1. Partnership between the village leaders and Hands For Peacemaking Staff

  2. Extensive review process

  3. Contract signed by both Hands For Peacemaking and the villagers

From the profits of the candle project, we also bought chickens and pigs. We raise them and then we sell them. I have been able to help my husband Juan Lorenzo with purchasing corn, beans, and sugar for our family.
— Juana Tomas Pedro

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