Marine View Mission 2019

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote village led opportunities for self-reliance in rural Guatemala. Hands For Peacemaking works through a myriad of projects aimed at increasing the quality of life, health, and education for Guatemalan’s seeking the opportunity for a better future.

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Partner with us

Hands For Peacemaking Foundation seeks financial partners like you who want to support the needs of our ongoing mission through recurring monthly or annual donations. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization sustained by your generous donations.

With our [Aler] stove we are saving around $140 a year—that is a huge help to our economy! The look of our kitchen has improved a lot, and we no longer have the risk of our children falling into the fire.
— Feliciano

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1. January 17th to January 26th 11.  July 3rd to July 12th

2. January 31st to February 9th 12.  July 17th to July 26th

3. February 14th to February 23rd 13.  July 31st to August 9th

4. February 28th to March 8th 14.  August 14th to August 23rd

5. March 13th to March 22nd 15.  August 28th to September 6th

6. April 17th to April 26th 16.  September 18th to September 27th

7. May 8th to May 17th 17.  October 2nd to October 11th

8. May 22nd to May 31st 18.  October 16th to October 25th

9.  June 5th to 14th 19.  October 30th to November 8th

10.  June 19th to June 28th 20.  November 13th to November 22nd

21.  November 27th to December 6th